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Volunteer Amanda Blogs about Mexico – On Cafe Imports

Amanda in MexicoAs we reported last month, our rockstar volunteer (aren’t they all) Amanda Eastwood would write about her experiences in Chiapas on the Cafe Imports Grinder Blog.

Well, we just got word she posted her article, and it’s a great read.

If you’ve ever wondered what our campaigns are like through the eyes of our volunteers, be sure to check out her post: Amanda’s Grounds for Health trip Update.

A few snippets:

The same afternoon, my new friend Alanna and I took a taxi, to a bus, to a cab, to the airport, to pick up and unite with August, the GFH executive director. Three and a half hours on a bumpy, dirt mountain road later we had finally arrived to Jaltenango de la Paz, Chiapas where the CESMACH Coop is located and where I will be spending June and July this summer providing continued support …

I must stress the imperative role that the CESMACH Coop plays in making this a successful relationship. They are the ones who take time away from their already full work schedules to recruit women and medical providers from their participating communities to come to the trainings, arrange transportation and lodging for them in addition to meals for everyone each day of the training …

My time with CESMACH and the GFH team was a tremendous experience! Not only did I gain a great deal of knowledge by participating in each of the trainings but I was also humbled and honored by the privilege of meeting and working so closely with some of the women who produce coffee …

Read the entire blog post. Thanks, Amanda!

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