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Frank Dennis: New Chair of Board

Frank Dennis

Frank Dennis

After a three-year tenure as our Treasurer, Frank Dennis has accepted a nomination to become the new Chair of the Board. Mr. Dennis takes over from Dan Cox, two-time President and co-founder of GFH.

“I am deeply honored to accept this role,” Frank answered in an email.  “I’m hopeful that I can add as much value as those before me.  Both Dan Cox and Jon Wettstein have done so much for the organization through a period of rapid growth.”

Executive Director August Burns lauded Mr. Dennis for his organizational leadership, mentoring experience, and strategic planning skills, adding “Frank is the perfect candidate to see our organization into its 15th year.  He has the right combination of passion and expertise to take Grounds for Health to the next level.”

Mr. Dennis is eager to support Grounds for Health’s growth goals and facilitate what our organization’s enormous potential. By accepting this nomination, Mr. Dennis has pledged his commitment to the Grounds for Health mission of reducing the long-term incidence of a highly preventable form of cancer in coffee-growing regions.

Frank is currently the President and CEO of Swiss Water Decaffeinated Company. From Frank: “I Live in Vancouver with my wife Leanne and 2 of 3 kids Trent and Thea.  Play upright bass with a 700 watt Galien Kreuger 8×10 rig in a band called Atomic Robot Man.  Gig in 2 weeks. Must practice.”

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  1. Dan Cox

    Having worked with Frank for six years now I am amazed at the new stuff I just learned…a closet musician in a rock band…impressive!! Rock on Frank!

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