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2011 Car Wash: Thank You for a Great Success!

2011 GFH Carwash was a huge success!First a HUGE thank you to all those that came together to pull off the Car Wash yesterday — it was a certainly a success! We were humbled by all the volunteers and the sincere work you each put into every little detail. The Car Wash represents for us the deeper connection we have with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters that goes way beyond financial support – to see all those blue shirts work hard for hours lets us know that the entire community is truly behind our work. Thank you thank you thank you!

Our grand total from yesterday is (drum roll, please) $3240! This includes all raffle tickets, donations from detailing, general donations and GMCR match. Nice work!

A big thank you also goes out to Ben & Jerry’s for the free scoops, Gigi’s Cleaning for the detailing, Barry T. Chouinard and Aurum Organics for the great T-shirts, and of course The Growlers for the great music!

Oh, and thank you to everyone in the community who came out to get their cars washed, and to just have a fun day in the sun! We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect afternoon.

Before I go … a second drum roll for the winner of the Bodum Lime-Green Charcoal Grill is … GMCR’s very own Dori Austin! Congrats!

Check out all the photos on Facebook: Car Wash Photos.

If you have any other photos, please post them on the Grounds for Health Facebook wall!

Til next year,


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