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Great VIA/Cryo Video

Single Visit Approach materials

Single Visit Approach materials

Recently we came across a great video on VIA/Cryo and the Single Visit Approach, which the short segment calls “see and treat.”  This BBC video focuses on the cervical cancer prevention work of an organization in Rwanda called UJAMAA Medical Connections.

This segment focuses on the same approach that Grounds for Health uses in its cervical cancer prevention programs in Mexico, Nicaragua and Tanzania.  Similar to this organization, we train local doctors and nurses in simple life saving techniques (VIA and cryotherapy), so that they can continue screening and treating women at risk for cervical cancer.

We feel as though it’s important to note that this segment does not mention a component that Grounds for Health has found to be vital in the success of our programs: community involvement, ownership and education.  In the Grounds for Health model, the coffee cooperatives and their members break down many of the barriers that stand between women and the care they need.

In the near future, we will be working on posts of our own that describe this involvement and show why it’s so effective.



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