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From the field: SJRC Nicaragua

Entering SJRC

Hello from SJRC,

Kayla and I are just sipping coffee here at the hotel.  Rain is pattering down as it has been all night.  It seems to be letting up now!  It is 6:30 AM and we are just relaxing for a wink before breakfast and day 1 of the clinical training.

The didactic training was a roaring success.  Our three local trainers are excellent.  Poised, professional, articulate, comfortable in front of the crowd.  Impressive.  Still some coaching work to do around managing a crowd and keeping the flow going. … but overall, we are completely thrilled and impressive.

We have 12 trainees.  A very strong group with no clear concerns at this point.  Very lucky!  Kayla, Rebecca and the volunteers set up the clinical spaces yesterday AM and we decided to make six spaces as we have quite a number of trainers and trainees.  Many talented hands.  Feeling lucky, we are.

Sarah Morgan, MD arrived yesterday by bus so now our volunteer team is complete.  A superb group of four – easy and warm and very strong.

Bueno.  All the best to you from SJRC.

We’ll be in touch as the week evolves.


Kayla, Rebecca and Elisa

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