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A Focus on Training in Hard-to-Reach Areas of Mexico

CHP training team with new intern Emma (lower left)

CHP training team with new intern Emma (lower left)

Earlier this month, Grounds for Health and Ramal Santa Cruz conducted a two-day training of Community Health Promoters in Chiapas, representing some of the region’s most isolated communities.

In advance of the training, Grounds for Health in-country staff and key leaders from Ramal Santa Cruz traveled to communities previously unreached by the project, with the aim of recruiting trusted community members to become Community Health Promoters. With this  recruitment strategy, we hope to develop a strong group of community health promoters that will serve as a resource for their communities, and the co-op over the long term.

The two-day training, lead by Grounds for Health, two co-op coordinators and two co-op board members, drew a total of 10 new participants, 5 men and 5 women; and 4 previously trained promoters.  All participants live in remote communities with very limited access to even basic  health services and health information. The new promoters also represent the co-op as elected delegates in their communities. The four previously trained promoters have welcomed their new colleagues with much support and enthusiasm.

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