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Welcome to our newest supporter: Red Diamond

We’re excited to welcome Red Diamond to our growing list of supporters! Red Diamond is a 107 year-old family-owned coffee, tea and foodservice company providing high quality products to hotels, restaurants, offices and homes across the United States.

Our Executive Director August Burns remarks:

We are thrilled to have a company such as Red Diamond join with us to combat the challenges of cervical cancer. This is a preventable disease that women at the height of their productivity may die from needlessly. Many of the women who work to grow and sort coffee beans often lack access to cancer prevention and treatment. Grounds for Health is grateful to have an industry leader like Red Diamond make a commitment to preserve the health of women coffee growers along with other companies and individuals along the supply chain. We applaud their efforts.

Our work is far from done. Coffee communities in Rwanda, Ethiopia, Uganda, Columbia, El Salvador and elsewhere have asked for our help. There and elsewhere women are still dying needlessly and that is why a generous contribution from an industry supporter like Red Diamond is so timely and appreciated.

Thank you, Red Diamond!

Read the Red Diamond Press Release


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