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In Praise of Caribou Coffee

Caribou: Do Good

Long time supporter, Minneapolis-based Caribou Coffee is a company that lives the saying: Do Good. With almost 500 company-owned locations providing employment to 6,000 people in 16 US states, the District of Columbia and some European countries, Caribou has committed itself to a socially responsible supply chain and a healthier planet.

Since 2005, we have been grateful to consistently list Caribou Coffee among our major donors. This ongoing support has been a critical factor to our continued success and our impact. Caribou Coffee’s most recent Do Good Report describes why the company has  supported our work:

Our partnership with Grounds for Health helps facilitate much-needed access to cervical cancer prevention programs in coffee-growing regions. Cervical cancer affects women in the prime of their lives, ages 40-50, and a woman’s premature death has widespread repercussions on her family, her work and her community. Through our ongoing relationship with Grounds for Health, we have learned that no woman should die from cervical cancer—the world has the knowledge and tools to save tens of thousands of women coffee farmers from a preventable death. In 2012, we donated $15,000 to the nonprofit organization to help decrease cervical cancer rates at coffee origin.

Download the entire report HERE

We sincerely thank everyone at Caribou Coffee for their vision, loyalty, and commitment to women in coffee-growing communities.

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