Thank You: Farmer Brothers

scaa-reception-1For the third year in a row, the Grounds for Health reception at SCAA, held in April in Seattle, Washington, was generously sponsored by Farmer Brothers. This year the event was held at The Edgewater Hotel overlooking beautiful Puget Sound in downtown Seattle. About 75 people from all walks of the coffee community came to sample local fare, share a drink and catch up on the recent activities at Grounds for Health.


Kyle Engelman, our Program Manager who heads up the Peru program, spoke about her recent visit and the challenges and rewards of serving women “at the end of the road.” Also sharing insights was Merling Preza, General Manager of Prodecoop in Nicaragua who spoke eloquently about the impact that Grounds for Health has had on her community, her co-op and her immediate family.


Kyle and Merling

Farmer Brothers, a company that began in 1912, today serves over 60,000 food and beverage establishments across the U.S. Their generous support of Grounds for Health is in keeping with a company policy to invest in coffee-growing families and deliver responsibly sourced coffee. You can learn more about Farmer Brothers’ commitment to sustainability at

Thank you to our friends at Farmer Brothers for another great reception!

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