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Two Weeks In – A note from the new Executive Director

Guy addressing the team on his first day.

Guy addressing the team on his first day.

It’s a great pleasure for me to write my first contribution to the Grounds for Health e-news. After a couple of months of steadily increasing anticipation, I finally began work in Waterbury on July 28th. It has been wonderful to meet all of the US-based staff and to begin the first of many long and rich conversations about the values that have brought us together and our aspirations for the future.

I am at the beginning of an intense learning process but already have a richer understanding of how fortunate I am to have the opportunity to lead Grounds For Health into its next stage of growth and development. So many people, under August Burns’s inspirational leadership, have built extraordinarily powerful foundations over the last 18 years and more. It’s our task to honor those foundations, coming to work every day charged with the goal of empowering as many women as possible to avoid cervical cancer.

I am privileged to lead the organization in that process and look forward to engaging with all our supporters and partners in the coming years.

Guy and the Waterbury team.

Guy and the Waterbury team.

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  1. August Burns

    Guy- I am so pleased that you are there to help carry on the work of Grounds for Health. I look forward to following the progress of your vision and leadership.

    warmest welcome

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