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Board of Directors Expands to Include Two Notable Global Health Leaders and Two Longtime Coffee Professionals

Grounds for Health is excited to announce the addition of four new members to our Board of Directors. Please join us in welcoming Ambassador Sally Cowal of the American Cancer Society, Samantha Keane of Balzac Brothers & Company, Dr. Harshad Sanghvi from Jhpeigo, and Brett Struwe of Caribou Coffee.

We are honored to have these esteemed professionals on our board and will look to them for guidance as we continue to scale up our programs to reach more women than ever before.

I am honored to join and serve on the Grounds for Health Board. Lately it has become quite evident there are significant developments at Grounds for Health, and it’s very exciting to be a part of the work that is happening. I’ve always admired your work, so I know what kinds of great things are in store for us!

– Brett Struwe

Ambassador Cowal comes to Grounds for Health as a world-renowned expert in global health, communications and fundraising, having led teams for the American Cancer Society, Population Services International and UNAIDS, among others. As a member of the foreign service, Cowal served as Ambassador to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago during both George H.W Bush and Clinton administrations.  With decades of experience working in Latin America, Africa and Asia, her insight will be invaluable as Grounds for Health solidifies its vision to reach scale.

Dr. Sanghvi has previously served on the Grounds for Health Advisory Board and we are thrilled he accepted our invitation to join the Board of Directors. As Vice President and Medical Director for Jpheigo, an affiliate of Johns Hopkins University, Harshad has been a lifelong champion of women’s health worldwide. He was a key contributor in the development of the Single Visit Approach, the leading approach to cervical cancer screening and treatment today.  Through his ongoing focus on R&D to advance screening and treatment methodologies, he remains as a pioneer in the fight against cervical cancer in low-resource countries.

Mr. Struwe and Ms. Keane join the Board as leaders in Specialty Coffee who will help champion the important role women’s health plays in efforts to foster more resilient communities at origin.   Both Brett and Samantha have been longtime supporters of our work and each possess unique insights that can help us better serve coffee communities and increase support within the specialty coffee industry.

On behalf of all the women we serve, please join us in welcoming these notable and talented individuals!

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