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A Successful Campaign Thanks to Peru Staff

Late last month, Community Coordinator Cristely Mejia Cordova and Grounds for Health Program Coordinator Martha Pineda Guerrera organized a training and screening campaign in San Ignacio, Peru. Martha worked with four of our locally-trained clinical leaders to certify 10 new providers in VIA and cryotherapy. The training and clinical practice were coordinated and fully supported by the local ministry of health DISA Jaen and cooperatives CENFROCAFE, Sol y Cafe, Aprocassi, Bosques Verdes, Casil, Frontera, and Unicafe.

During the four-day clinical practice:

  • 296 women were screened (274 with VIA / 22 with Pap)
  • 49 women treated
  • 4 postponed or referred for further followup

Martha and Cristely continue to demonstrate the impact an outstanding team of in-country staff can have in their own communities. This was an incredible accomplishment with many key partners.

Way to go, Peru!


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4 Responses

  1. Sylvia S. Estrada,DNP

    Thanks for providing the update on our Peruvian team. Great to hear that our volunteer efforts in education and training are being implemented and are making an impact on this vulnerable population.
    I miss not attending a volunteer campaign.

    Felicidades a nuestro groupo Peruano. Siguen adelante.

  2. Good Day I am the founder and Inventor of the product to help ease the collection of cells for Pap tests STDs , HPV and of course AIDS
    the foundation is looking to help groups like yours . We have not been in Peru however we would like to see if you might wish to have some program put together and have our product provided to your testings of diseases. Please email me the Founder and Inventor Constance Andresen at and perhaps we should work on this. Be well Good luck

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