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On the Ground: Notes from Nyeri

Grounds for Health Clinical Consultant Susan Hollinger along with seasoned volunteer Lisa Dimondstein are currently in Nyeri, Kenya where they are running a training with Program Coordinator Evah Maina. Susan has been sending us quick updates from the field:

Greetings from Nyeri, Kenya!

The other day 14 midwives training to provide screening and treatment for cervical pre-cancer began a 4-day clinical campaign. They showed skill and compassion as they screened over 70 women from the local community.

It was sobering for all of us when three women in the group were discovered to most likely have cervical cancer and were referred for specialist care. Several of our new trainees said, “I hope we have saved her life by seeing her today.” An additional 12 women received treatment for pre-cancer changes and will be followed closely over the next year.

An especially sweet moment occurred as I walked across the waiting area. A man stopped me to ask “how long will you be here today?” I answered and then he held up his cell phone saying, “I am calling my wife to come, can you check her if she gets here by 3 pm?”

Of course we can.

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