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Notes from Nyeri: Smiles and creativity

Sometimes a bit of silliness helps energize a classroom! When the after lunch lull set in, cajoling everyone onto their feet to “do the hokie pokie” resulted in giggles and laughs as our very serious students “put their whole self in and shook it all about.” Later in the afternoon, with Evah acting as a C02 cylinder, we demonstrated cryotherapy, which brought grins and hopefully a mental image of treatment set up.

Evah with an Oscar-worthy cryo-tank performance.

For clinical experience we moved north of Nyeri to the small clinic in Naromoru, where two in our class, nurse-midwives Anna and Nancy, run the community health clinic and maternity center. They see 100 patients a day and do anywhere from 20-50 baby deliveries a month. Now they are adding cervical cancer screening, treatment for precancerous lesions, and referral to an already busy facility that operates much like an urgent care walk in.

Back in Nyeri for the final two days of clinical, trainees Simon and Consulata did a creative job setting up seven exam rooms in their center. Bedsheets, clothesline, staples and a willingness to work in tight quarters made it work!

Creative exam room.

Once again, they demonstrated commitment to the program and the women in their community and are looking forward continuing services. All 10 of our clinical providers, plus 4 of their supervisory staff completed the course and are on their way back to home facilities to provide VIA screen and treat service.

People often tell us they “admire” the work we do as clinical consultants for Ground for Health. Truth be told, we all see it as a great privilege to be able to work alongside our colleagues in the field as we support their learning and clinical programs. It is inspiring to see their commitment to their patients and see the compassion and care they bring to their community and work. It is humbling to know they work long hours with few material resources day in and out.

Thank you to our US based supporters,the home office and Board of Directors, but most of all, thank you to the wonderful team of health care workers in Nyeri!

The group outside the clinic.

Editor’s Note: Grounds for Health Clinical Consultant Susan Hollinger along with seasoned volunteer Lisa Dimondstein are currently in Nyeri, Kenya where they are running a training with Program Coordinator Evah Maina. Susan has been sending us quick updates from the field.

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