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NCA Award Travels

One thing we can count on here in Vermont is that your flight will get cancelled whenever you really need to be somewhere. Snowing on the Eastern seaboard? Plan on two cancelations but expect three. Sure enough, fourth time was the charm last week when Executive Director Ellen Starr was traveling to New Orleans to proudly accept the National Coffee Association Origin Charity of the Year Award. She finally made it out of BTV, albeit two days late.

Sadly because of the delays, it was looking like we would have to scrap her presentation to the NCA Board. But a stroke of luck: Ellen’s daughter and prior Grounds for Health intern extraordinaire Tatum FitzGerald was already in the Big Easy and calmly said, “I’ll do it.” With her mom patched in over the phone, Tatum read Ellen’s speech flawlessly. While unconventional, it turned out to be the perfect solution. Apparently even a Grounds for Health daughter has the same incredible enthusiasm for our work that we do!

Despite the travel difficulties, we are grateful Ellen was able to accept the award in person last Friday. For over 20 years we have worked closely with the coffee industry, receiving support on many levels—from local coffee cooperatives to international coffee executives. So it just felt right that she was able to look everyone in the eye to express our gratitude.

“Our judges felt that Grounds for Health earned this honor because of their accomplishment, their efficiency, and their commitment to improving the lives of female coffee farmers by addressing women’s health in underserved coffee communities,” said William (Bill) Murray, President & CEO, National Coffee Association.

Thank you to Bill and the NCA Board of Directors for joining us all in the enthusiasm for our work!

Thank you Phyllis Johnson of BD Imports for posting the above on Instagram.

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