Nicaragua: Jinotega

In 2009-2010, Grounds for Health led its third campaign with the UCA (Union of Cooperativas Agropecuarias) SOPPEXCCA cooperative, which is based in Jinotega, Nicaragua, a small town nestled amidst mountains and coffee-producing communities.  A strength of SOPPEXCCA’s project has been their focus on including the whole community in the effort. Men—including co-op staff, husbands, brothers and neighbors—have been invited to trainings and play a key support role.


  • During the campaign, over 85% of the women who attended were considered at higher risk – either because of their age, the fact that they had never been screened before, or had never received treatment for a previous abnormal result.
  • In-country Nicaragua staff Dra. Barinia Osejo continues to strengthen and help program (hired 1 year ago)
  • Continued implementation with our new clinical training of the Single Visit Approach

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