Mexico: Chiapas

Grounds for Health has partnered with the CESMACH (Campsinos Ecológicos de la Sierra Madre de Chiapas) cooperative since the spring of 2007, and just completed its fourth training campaign there. At CESMACH’s headquarters in Jaltenango, local doctors and nurses are trained in screen-and-treat and the Single Visit Approach. Since initially focusing on training doctors and nurses at the central health center that was a referral point for outlying communities, we have transitioned to inviting health care providers from the smaller health outposts in rural areas. This has dramatically increased our reach without sacrificing quality of care.


  • Provided training to doctors and nurses from two major branches of the Mexico national health services
  • By 6 months after the campaign, 100% of the women who did not receive immediate treatment during the campaign had received follow-up care

PROFILE: Nurse Teresa Pimental Salazar, Local Health Provider

On the first day of the campaign, Nurse Tere was waiting for us, excitedly flipping through the book that we had given her the day before. She had stayed up all night, reading it cover to cover, and as we piled into the van she talked eagerly about trying out her new skills.

In the months since, she has taken her show on the road, packing up vinegar, cotton and a headlamp—all that’s required to perform screening with visual inspection—and travels on her own to women in remote communities.

Tere is a force. One of those rare souls who sees the power of the tools at her disposal, and who has an unflappable commitment to share them.  We salute her and thank all of those like her who continue to inspire us in this work.

–        Martha Caswell, Deputy Director, Programs