August Burns

Farewell Note from Executive Director August Burns

As I sit at my desk on my final day at the helm of Grounds for Health, I will indulge in a few thoughts about what I have learned on this incredible journey. Perhaps first and foremost is the power of community to make lasting change. It is part of the human condition to strive for a...
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Call for Universal Access to Cervical Cancer Prevention

On May 27, 2013, at the Global Forum on Cervical Cancer Prevention in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a group of international organizations launched the Call for Universal Access to Cervical Cancer Prevention. The call aims to build momentum for the uptake of HPV vaccines and screening and treatment tools. We ask you to make cervical cancer...
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Peru: Showing What’s Possible

We recently completed our first campaign in Peru, and one thing is already clear: Peru is a standout country for our programs. Rich in coffee and one of the first countries to nationally adopt the Single Visit Approach to cervical cancer prevention, Peru is poised to make quick, meaningful strides in improving the health of...
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Bananas: A Lesson from Field-Testing

Over the last month, we’ve learned a ton from round one of field-testing our new Community Health Promoter Curriculum in Nicaragua. Field-testing is a fascinating process that provides tremendous insight into the complexity of human communication. How do we best communicate? How do I know that if I say “blue” that you will understand just...
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GFH Trainees Become National Trainers

Here’s yet another Kigoma success story: We recently learned that three of our star pupils from Kigoma—Grencia, Leonarda and Bernadetta—have become National Trainers and just finished their second cervical cancer training campaign in Pwani, Tanzania, a region that has had no cervical cancer prevention programs until now. They trained 12 providers for six sites: the...
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Key to VIA Success: Vision and Vinegar

Sometimes it’s the simple things make all the difference. Here at Grounds for Health, we use the Single Visit Approach to screen for cervical cancer. Applying a vinegar wash on the cervix allows us to make a visual confirmation of potentially cancerous cells. This is known as visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA). If the...
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Where Women Have No Doctor

Where Women Have No Doctor was a collaborative project of hundreds of women worldwide to bring information on reproductive health and women’s lives to poor women without access to basic health care and information. It is now translated into over 30 languages from Iban (language of the Longhouse People of Sarawac East Malasia), to Bengali. ...
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In Kigoma – Up to the Heri Hospital

We headed up to Heri Hospital today to do a site visit as a potential next place in the region for our next two campaigns. It is a regional mission hospital another hour north of here in the heart of coffee country and near the Burundi border.

Quick Thought from Matyazo, Tanzania

We are now in the northern coffee community of Matyazo. This is where we had the very low positive rate last time, so now, armed with 5% Heinz (47 Varieties) vinegar and enough acetic acid for the next two years, (thank you Elisa!) we will see what our results look like.