Elisa Vandervort

Great VIA/Cryo Video

Recently we came across a great video on VIA/Cryo and the Single Visit Approach, which the short segment calls “see and treat.”  This BBC video focuses on the cervical cancer prevention work of an organization in Rwanda called UJAMAA Medical Connections. This segment focuses on the same approach that Grounds for Health uses in its...
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Summer 2011 Update: Nicaragua

Grounds for Health field staff in Nicaragua just completed a series of trainings of nine new doctors and nurses in the region of Jinotega. The trainings were located in the small towns of Wiwili and El Cua where there is a sizable membership of our partner cooperatives CECOCAFEN and SOPPEXCCA. Over six days of clinical...
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Tanzania: Proof and Progress

We are excited to report that over the past six months, Grounds for Health-trained doctors and nurses in Kigoma, Tanzania have screened just over 1,000 women for cervical cancer on their own. There are now 11 sites up and running in this region, where we partner with the Kanyovu Coffee Cooperative, Jane Goodall Institute and...
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Update from Annah in Tanzania

Dr. Annah’s update from Kigoma is full of positive news about our newly trained clinicians from July 2010 and their rapid establishment of screening and cryotherapy treatment services in Kigoma Region.  All new sites are on track in terms of the goals and implementation plans each created as part of our training. Two sites (of...
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More Updates from Tanzania

I just got off the phone with our Tanzanian colleague Dr. Annah Kichambati in Kigoma, Tanzania. Annah is our Kigoma-based, GFH-supported colleague and coordinator of our cervical cancer collaboration. Up until recently, she was working with the Jane Goodall Institute as their lead trainer of community health distribution agents (CBDAs) in HIV/AIDS. She is a...
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