Kayla Moore

Grounds for Health Ethiopia Launches

After many months of planning, Grounds for Health’s Ethiopia program kicks off this month with the first set of community and clinical trainings on cervical cancer prevention. If successful, these activities will make Wonsho the first rural district in all of Ethiopia to offer ongoing cervical cancer prevention services.

VIA Army: Winning Battles in Nicaragua

Friday, September 27th Dr. Barinia Osejo smiles from ear to ear as she addresses the foot soldiers of what she calls the “VIA Army” – a group of local doctors, nurses, medical directors, and community health promoters who are fighting on the front lines of cervical cancer prevention in northern Nicaragua. It was the ceremonial...
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Mexico: Continued Sustainability

In Chiapas, Mexico, over nine months have passed since Grounds for Health transferred ownership of the cervical cancer prevention program to local coffee co-operative partners and municipal health authorities. After over six years of collaboration with Grounds for Health, these partners now have all the knowledge, skills, and equipment to sustain a community-based cervical cancer...
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International Women’s Day: A Day Early

To recognize International Women’s Day tomorrow (March 8), our partners in Nicaragua are holding a a screen-and-treat campaign in Matagalpa today. The campaign will take place at the Lacayo Farfan hospital in Matagalpa, where they have full support from health personnel and equipment for VIA and cryotherapy. Staff from Exportadora Atlantic helped Grounds for Health...
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Taking to the Airwaves in Mexico

Since Grounds for Health’s first campaign in Mexico, one of our key goals has been to educate communities about cervical cancer prevention. Unlike Tanzania, both Nicaragua and Mexico have had cytology-based screening programs in place for a number of years, and thus there was already some awareness of these services when our program started. However,...
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Trip Report: Nicaragua – September 2011

From Sep 21- Sep 30, 2011, Grounds for Health trained a new cohort of 11 doctors and nurses on cervical cancer screening using Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (VIA) and Pap, and treatment of pre-cancer with cryotherapy. Of the 11 providers, nine received certification in VIA and five of those also received certification in Cryo....
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Off to San Juan del Rio Coco, Nicaragua

  This past week has been a flurry of activity at the Waterbury office as Elisa helped me and August pack-up an absurdly large amount of supplies and training material into five enormous black suitcases destined for the northern highlands of Nicaragua. The fact that this will be my first trip since joining Grounds for...
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