Mexico Trip Report

Newly trained Trainers proudly display their certificates

New trained Trainers proudly display their certificates

Late last month, Ground for Health staff, including Executive Director August Burns and Program Manager Kayla Moore, traveled to Chiapas, Mexico with the primary goals of developing […]

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Grounds for Health to Peru

Next stop: Peru

Next stop: Peru (image: wikipedia)

August Burns (Executive Director) and Elisa Vandervort (Senior Clinical Officer) are in the midsts of planning Grounds for Health’s first-ever trip to Peru at the end of February. The purpose of this trip is to explore a […]

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Tanzania Trip Report - Progress in Training

From June 17 through July 5, 2010, we conducted a two-week training and cervical cancer screening campaign in Kigoma, Tanzania.  This trip marked our fourth visit to Kigoma and third training and screening campaign at this site. As in our other sites, […]

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