Bringing cervical cancer prevention to Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua

Grounds for Health and its coffee partner of three years, Prodecoop, are working together on a new program in the Nueva Segovia region of Nicaragua. This month marks the beginning of a multi-year collaboration involving Prodecoop, the regional ministry of health in Nueva Segovia, and Grounds for Health.

ECOM Foundation Awards Grant to Strengthen Programs

Grounds for Health is the grateful recipient of a two-year $45,000 grant award for the Development of Origin Resources from the ECOM Foundation. Since 2006, the ECOM Foundation has made a significant contribution to Grounds for Health’s programs through engaging ECOM staff in collaborative activities in Mexico, Tanzania, Nicaragua and Peru, and by providing financial...
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Nicaragua: Multiplying Impact

In late April, new Program Manager Ariel Irene Delaney traveled to Nicaragua to meet the local team and become acquainted with our current, longest-standing Grounds for Health program. Upon arriving, she was immediately whisked into a meeting with Prodecoop, one of our cooperative partners. Talk about hitting the ground running! Soon after Ariel’s arrival, Grounds...
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Volunteer Perspective: Sylvia Estrada

“Priceless,” is how Sylvia Estrada, a veteran Grounds for Health volunteer, explains the value of traveling to Latin America with Grounds for Health. “When a woman gets off the exam table, gives us a hug, and thanks us—that is what keeps me going back.” And going back is what Sylvia will do in October when...
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VIA Army: Winning Battles in Nicaragua

Friday, September 27th Dr. Barinia Osejo smiles from ear to ear as she addresses the foot soldiers of what she calls the “VIA Army” – a group of local doctors, nurses, medical directors, and community health promoters who are fighting on the front lines of cervical cancer prevention in northern Nicaragua. It was the ceremonial...
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International Women’s Day: A Day Early

To recognize International Women’s Day tomorrow (March 8), our partners in Nicaragua are holding a a screen-and-treat campaign in Matagalpa today. The campaign will take place at the Lacayo Farfan hospital in Matagalpa, where they have full support from health personnel and equipment for VIA and cryotherapy. Staff from Exportadora Atlantic helped Grounds for Health...
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Bananas: A Lesson from Field-Testing

Over the last month, we’ve learned a ton from round one of field-testing our new Community Health Promoter Curriculum in Nicaragua. Field-testing is a fascinating process that provides tremendous insight into the complexity of human communication. How do we best communicate? How do I know that if I say “blue” that you will understand just...
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Men’s Perceptions of Cervical Cancer

From January through June 2012, Dan Allen, a student at the Boston University School of Public Health, conducted research into men’s perceptions of cervical cancer and cervical cancer prevention services in San Juan de Rio Coco, Madriz, Nicaragua. As we are well aware from our work, men are often the primary decision-makers regarding women’s health....
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Nicaragua: Natural Born Trainers

It was the last day of our training and campaign in San Juan de Rio Coco. Women were still waiting to be screened and a few women were waiting for cryotherapy. I was sitting outside in the waiting area chatting with a group of the coordinators from the coffee cooperatives, the rest of our US-based...
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