Nicaragua: Multiplying Impact

Banner hanging over the clinic during a Screen and Treat campaign in San Juan del Rio Coco

In late April, new Program Manager Ariel Irene Delaney traveled to Nicaragua to meet the local team and become acquainted with our current, longest-standing Grounds for Health program. Upon arriving, she was immediately whisked into a meeting with [...]

Field Testing: Community Health Promoter Curriculum

We Can Prevent Cervical Cancer: image from curriculum

We recently finished the first round of formal field-testing of our Community Health Promoter Curriculum in Nicaragua. After months of editing, re-editing, seeking feedback and preliminary testing, we are finally close to a great finished product. In the works: another field test in Peru in November and [...]

Men's Perceptions of Cervical Cancer in Coffee-Growing Communities

Knowing men’s perceptions will help us improve our programs

From January through June 2012, Dan Allen, a student at the Boston University School of Public Health, conducted research into men’s perceptions of cervical cancer and cervical cancer prevention services in San Juan de Rio Coco, Madriz, Nicaragua. As we are well aware from our work, [...]

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