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Andrea Maira da Silva

Andrea Maira da Silva

On August 29, 2011 Andrea Maira da Silva, a cherished member of the Fair Trade Coffee community in Brazil, passed away due to complications from ovarian cancer. Andrea leaves behind a very young daughter in Poco Fundo, Brazil.  Andrea’s parents who are now caring for their granddaughter hope that by the time she reaches Andrea’s age there will be more access to preventative exams and medical services in Poco Fundo.

Andrea worked supporting small-scale coffee communities for several years. The producer organizations she worked for sold a lot of great quality coffee to the U.S. market while helping to improve the lives of hundreds of small-scale coffee producers in Brazil.

Fair Trade USA and Grounds for Health have set up a special fund that allows you to make a donation in Andrea’s name. Please fill out the information below, and you’ll be sent to a donations page where you can contribute to Grounds for Health via PayPal.

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