Reduce cervical cancer among women in developing countries.


A world in which all women are protected from the threat of cervical cancer by timely and high-quality prevention services.


We are a mission-driven, international non-profit organization, born out of and with enduring ties to the coffee industry, and focused on increasing coverage of cervical cancer prevention services.

Reduce Incidence

Through direct cervical cancer prevention campaigns, local capacity building, as well as advocacy on the global stage, Grounds for Health is addressing a major killer of women worldwide.

Increase Access to Care

By partnering with coffee cooperatives, local health organizations and in-country NGOs, we ensure more women gain access to life-saving care.

Educate + Train

We train local health providers in effective ways to screen for and treat cervical pre-cancers. We educate community health promoters about how to communicate about the disease to their friends, neighbors and peers.


We will never be satisfied until every woman has access to high-quality cervical cancer prevention services.


Everything we do has the long-term in mind.


As technologies change and innovations occur, Grounds for Health adapts and improves to make sure the highest possible quality of care is achieved.

Our Vision: A World Without Cervical Cancer.

It’s possible within our lifetimes. We have the tools, the knowledge and the drive to make this dream a reality.

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