Our Unique Model

The Grounds for Health model for establishing sustainable cervical cancer care involves a one-of-a-kind partnership between public and private sectors. The entire process starts with an invitation from a co-op, and ends with Grounds for Health leaving a strong and sustainable cervical cancer program in the hands of the community.

Grounds for Health model for sustainable care

By actively involving coffee co-operatives, coffee companies, and health officials, the Grounds for Health Model:

  • Fosters relationships between coffee co-ops and buyers of fair trade and organic coffees
  • Increases access to a range of reproductive health services in addition to cervical cancer screening, including family planning and prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted infections
  • Facilitates connections between the community organization and local health services

Grounds for Health starts a campaign only after a formal invitation from a coffee-growing co-operative. Co-op leadership must demonstrate a commitment to the program by generating community support and investment. The co-op helps foster community trust, facilitate the use of coffee trucks for transportation, and guarantee similar support for follow-up care.

With the financial support of the coffee industry, Grounds for Health then makes a three-year commitment to bring technical assistance, training and medical equipment to the community.

Meanwhile, local Ministries of Health provide the medical personnel, facilities and logistical support to ensure sustainability.

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