Program Description

Kenya Program

Grounds for Health recently expanded its East Africa programming to Kenya, where 3.1 million women aged 35-49 are at risk of developing cervical cancer.

Thanks to seed funding from Atlas Coffee, Bennett’s Coffee, Coda Coffee, Peet’s Coffee and Tony’s Coffee, Grounds for Health will screen thousands of women living in coffee-growing communities, treat those with positive test results and lay the foundation for future expansion of programs in Kenya.

Ongoing work made possible thanks to ECOM Foundation, SCAE and Bennetts. Thank you!

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Cervical cancer represents one of the greatest disparities in women’s global health today. Help us save the lives of the women in Kenya who shoulder the majority of labor burden in agricultural communities.


Focus: Nyeri County

An estimated 6 million Kenyans are employed directly or indirectly in the coffee industry. Nyeri County, in the Central Highlands about 150 km north of Nairobi, has a population of about 750,000, including about 51,000 women aged 35-49. It is one of the best-known producers of high quality Kenyan coffee.

In Kenya, there are 3.1 million women aged 35-49.

Cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among reproductive age women.

Fewer than 4% of women have ever been screened for cervical cancer.