SCAA Reception: April 24 @7pm

Healthy Women, Healthy Harvest Coming to the SCAA Event in Seattle? Join us to celebrate the women who are essential to the sustainability of the coffee industry and to raise a glass to the supporters who make Grounds for Health’s work possible. Details: Grounds for Health Reception: Healthy Harvest, Healthy Women Thursday, April 24th 7-9pm...
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Grounds for Health at the International Cancer Control Conference

From November 3-6, Grounds for Health Executive Director August Burns and Senior Program Officer Rebecca Singer will attend the International Cancer Control Conference 5 in Lima, Peru. The theme of the congress is ‘International Collaboration’ and it will highlight the need for collaboration and cooperation in implementing cancer and non-communicable disease control strategies worldwide. Grounds...
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Ethiopia: A Country of Firsts

As legend has it, coffee was discovered in Ethiopia by a goat herder named Kaldi who noticed his animals were getting a bit friskier after eating some red berries from a certain bush. Excited, Kaldi ran to show a monk in a nearby monastery, but the monk disapproved of these berries and threw them into...
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Grounds for Health at SCAA

If you’re coming to Portland for the SCAA Event, keep an eye out for us! Swing by Booth 7077 to get your invite to our reception at the Heathman Hotel on Friday night at 7pm. There will be free drinks and appetizers! Thanks to Farmer Brothers for generously sponsoring the event. How to Find Us:...
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Grounds for Health at NCA

We will be attending the NCA Annual Convention in Charleston, South Carolina on March 22-24. If you will be there, come by Table 22 in the Exhibit area to learn how Grounds for Health, with coffee industry support, is reducing deaths from cervical cancer in coffee-growing communities and how you can help support this work...
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True Collaboration for Meaningful Impact

Early last month Grounds for Health Executive Director August Burns and in-country doctor Barinia Osejo attended the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Workshop on VIA and cryotherapy. Grounds for Health joined representatives from 11 countries and the World Health Organization, Basic Health International, United Nations Population Fund, International Planned Parenthood Federation, PATH and Jhpiego. These...
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