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Ethiopia: A Country of Firsts

As legend has it, coffee was discovered in Ethiopia by a goat herder named Kaldi who noticed his animals were getting a bit friskier after eating some red berries from a certain bush. Excited, Kaldi ran to show a monk in a nearby monastery, but the monk disapproved of these berries and threw them into...
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A Peruvian Marriage

Editor’s Note: This piece was written on June 15, when Senior Program Officer Rebecca Singer and Senior Clinical Officer Elisa Vandervort were in Peru, investigating Grounds for Health expansion. It is our last morning in Peru and per usual, I have woken up early. While waiting for the sun to rise so that I can...
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Grounds for Health to Peru

August Burns (Executive Director) and Elisa Vandervort (Senior Clinical Officer) are in the midsts of planning Grounds for Health’s first-ever trip to Peru at the end of February. The purpose of this trip is to explore a potential Grounds for Health expansion to Peru. Similar to many other coffee producing countries, cervical cancer is the...
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