Most Significant Change: Importance of Training

[caption id="attachment_4558" align="aligncenter" width="480"]Ena leading a training session Ena leading a training session[/caption]

Story Teller: Ena del Carmen Balarezo Ramirez
Role: A midwife working in sexual and reproductive health division of DISA Jaén, the sub-regional health authority
Date of Recording: July 4, 2013
Location: A restaurant in Jaén, Cajamarca, Peru

My name is [...]

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VIA Army: Winning Battles in Nicaragua

[caption id="attachment_4296" align="aligncenter" width="480"]VIA Army Dr. Barinia Osejo (center, looking down) and just a few of the VIA Army[/caption]

Friday, September 27th

Dr. Barinia Osejo smiles from ear to ear as she addresses the foot soldiers of what she calls the “VIA Army” – a group of local doctors, nurses, [...]

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Great VIA/Cryo Video

[caption id="attachment_2934" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Single Visit Approach materials"]Single Visit Approach materials[/caption]

Recently we came across a great video on VIA/Cryo and the Single Visit Approach Buy Armour Without Prescription, , which the short segment calls "see and treat."  This BBC video focuses on the cervical cancer prevention work of an organization in Rwanda called UJAMAA Medical Connections.

This segment focuses on the same approach that Grounds for Health uses in its cervical cancer prevention programs in Mexico, Armour used for, Armour use, Nicaragua and Tanzania.  Similar to this organization, we train local doctors and nurses in simple life saving techniques (VIA and cryotherapy), Armour pharmacy, Armour street price, so that they can continue screening and treating women at risk for cervical cancer.

We feel as though it's important to note that this segment does not mention a component that Grounds for Health has found to be vital in the success of our programs: community involvement, australia, uk, us, usa, Armour reviews, ownership and education.  In the Grounds for Health model, the coffee cooperatives and their members break down many of the barriers that stand between women and the care they need, Armour gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Armour from mexico, In the near future, we will be working on posts of our own that describe this involvement and show why it's so effective, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Buy Armour without prescription,


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True Collaboration for Meaningful Impact

[caption id="attachment_2550" align="alignright" width="239" caption="August speaking at the PAHO meeting"][/caption]

Early last month Grounds for Health Executive Director August Burns and in-country doctor Barinia Osejo attended the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Workshop on VIA and cryotherapy Buy Modalert Without Prescription, . Purchase Modalert online, Grounds for Health joined representatives from 11 countries and the World Health Organization, Basic Health International, my Modalert experience, Doses Modalert work, United Nations Population Fund, International Planned Parenthood Federation, Modalert pics, Modalert photos, PATH and Jhpiego. These organizations convened over two days to discuss experiences preventing cervical cancer in their respective countries, Modalert price. Real brand Modalert online, This groundbreaking meeting represented the first time a group of health experts from across Latin America came together to focus on the Single Visit Approach, which is a key component of Grounds for Health's work, Modalert mg. Buy no prescription Modalert online, The group shared their successes, failures, is Modalert addictive, Modalert from mexico, and lessons learned in implementing this new approach.

August and Dr, Buy Modalert Without Prescription. Osejo were sure to bring the voice of the "woman at the end of the road" to the meeting, taking Modalert, Modalert samples, presenting our community-based approach to outreach and follow-up. By speaking about Grounds for Health’s experience in poor, effects of Modalert, Modalert over the counter, rural settings, August and Dr, order Modalert online overnight delivery no prescription. Where to buy Modalert, Osejo were able to shift the conversation beyond just what to do, but to how to make it work—to assure that programs reach all women at risk, buy Modalert from mexico. Modalert overnight, August walked away feeling that Grounds for Health is truly part of a larger community committed to ending unnecessary deaths from cervical cancer. Thanks to strong alliances with the Nicaragua Ministry of Health, Modalert natural, Modalert dosage, and invitations from other Ministries of Health, we have a great opportunity to expand our model across the region, Modalert from canada. Buy Modalert without a prescription, In the end, this meeting showed the true collaborative effort that is emerging to address issues of cervical cancer, Modalert duration. Modalert alternatives, These partnerships are absolutely necessary if we are to have a meaningful impact in saving lives from the city to the farm. Modalert long term. Buy Modalert without prescription. Modalert brand name. Order Modalert from United States pharmacy. Buy cheap Modalert no rx. Discount Modalert. Modalert dangers. Where can i find Modalert online. Modalert treatment. Modalert without a prescription. After Modalert. Buying Modalert online over the counter. Modalert coupon. Cheap Modalert no rx. Modalert from canadian pharmacy.

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Key to VIA Success: Vision and Vinegar

[caption id="attachment_2385" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Vision and Vinegar"]Key to VIA success: Vision and Vinegar Buy Reglan Without Prescription, [/caption]

Sometimes it’s the simple things make all the difference.

Here at Grounds for Health, Reglan brand name, Reglan from mexico, we use the Single Visit Approach to screen for cervical cancer. Applying a vinegar wash on the cervix allows us to make a visual confirmation of potentially cancerous cells, Reglan mg. Reglan no prescription, This is known as visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA). If the lesions match our treatment criteria, Reglan canada, mexico, india, Cheap Reglan, we freeze off the cells using an effective and safe procedure called cryotherapy.

All can be done in one 30-minute visit.

So maybe it’ll come as no surprise that four years experience in Mexico, Nicaragua and Tanzania has taught us that the success of the Single Visit Approach often boils down to two things: vision and vinegar, Buy Reglan Without Prescription.

First, buy Reglan from canada, Reglan trusted pharmacy reviews, there’s the issue of vision. Back in 2007 in Nicaragua, low dose Reglan, My Reglan experience, we found that some of the best students in the classroom, seasoned doctors and nurses in our training program, Reglan long term, Reglan over the counter, were missing clear positives when tested at close-range with VIA flash cards.

[caption id="attachment_2384" align="alignright" width="135" caption="Good vision is essential"]Good vision is essential[/caption]

Someone offered one of the students a set of simple reading glasses, Reglan for sale. Doses Reglan work, A-ha. Buy Reglan Without Prescription, Positives confirmed. These students were over 40, Reglan use, Discount Reglan, and although excellent health care providers, they didn’t know they needed reading glasses to see properly at arm’s length—the distance required to perform a visual inspection, Reglan cost. Reglan blogs, We now require that every clinician go through a simple eye exam before starting the training program.

… Then there’s the vinegar, Reglan pictures. Order Reglan online c.o.d, Our experience in Latin America taught us that positive VIA rates should range from 10-20%. But when we first began our program in Tanzania, in a remote region where we estimated that rates would be well over 10%, we found only 2% of women tested positive, Buy Reglan Without Prescription. At one point, online buy Reglan without a prescription, Reglan treatment, over 100 women in a row tested negative using VIA. Something was wrong, Reglan from canadian pharmacy. Reglan samples, So we had a closer look at the local vinegar. Someone opened a fresh bottle, Reglan images, Reglan schedule, held it to her nose and took a taste. Buy Reglan Without Prescription, It seemed weak. We boiled the vinegar to concentrate it, rx free Reglan, Reglan interactions, and began experiencing more consistent results—close, but not quite normal, buy Reglan online cod. Where can i cheapest Reglan online, When we returned to the States, we officially tested the Tanzanian off-the-shelf vinegar, where can i buy cheapest Reglan online. Reglan wiki, It did not meet the 3-5% acidity level recommended for VIA.

[caption id="attachment_2383" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Good vinegar = accurate results"]Good vinegar = accurate results[/caption]

On our return trip to Tanzania, Reglan coupon, Order Reglan no prescription, we armed ourselves with Heinz-brand vinegar, and immediately saw a 10%+ positivity rate in the same population, order Reglan from United States pharmacy. No prescription Reglan online, Grounds for Health now tests local brands for acidity levels before beginning any Single Visit Approach program.

Our experiences show that success is only possible when the simple things are done right, buy no prescription Reglan online. Reglan gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Where can i find Reglan online. Reglan dose.

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