Vinegar with Your Coffee?

Mixing The Two Saves Women’s Lives

In coffee growing areas of Latin America and Tanzania, Grounds for Health trains local doctors and nurses to follow guidelines developed by the World Health Organization to use household vinegar to screen for cervical cancer. Early detection is key to survival, yet in developing countries cervical cancer is the #1 cancer killer of women.

For over 15 years Grounds for Health and the Specialty Coffee industry have worked together to create sustainable cervical cancer prevention programs in coffee-growing countries. Thousands of women have already been saved, and through community mobilization and by training local healthcare providers, we create the potential to reach tens of thousands more.


Vinegar Can Save Lives

Vinegar Can Save Lives

Grounds for Health trains local healthcare providers in the Single Visit Approach, an effective screening and treatment method. Doctors/nurses screen using visual inspection with acetic acid (vinegar) and then if necessary, treat immediately using cryotherapy (freezing).

This can all be done in the same day, which greatly increases the effectiveness of the program, and is all extremely affordable. Total cost of materials to screen/treat one woman: 23ยข.

Specialty Coffee

Coffee makes everything possible

Coffee makes everything possible

Since 1996, progressive companies within Specialty Coffee have generously and consistently offered financial support to Grounds for Health. This private funding source has allowed Grounds for Health to explore innovative methods such as the Single Visit Approach for maximum impact.

In coffee-growing countries, coffee cooperatives provide this community infrastructure and support to make our programs possible. They facilitate campaigns, mobilize the community and take over responsibilities for true sustainability.

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Vinegar and coffee

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